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Live from Florida: The Real Marco Rubio

Today, in advance of Marco Rubio’s announcement that he will run for President, Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant released the following statement:
“As far as self-serving vanity projects go, Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign should win a prize. After failing to win a majority of the vote in 2010’s Tea Party wave, Rubio bailed on Floridians, and now embodies everything voters hate about Washington – partisan dysfunction and placing the needs of the wealthiest few above the middle class.
“While many across the country only know Marco Rubio — if they know him at all — for his support for the government shutdown, his rejection of immigration reform, or his statements disparaging Social Security and Medicare, Floridians have known him for much, much longer. And we cannot wait to introduce you to the Marco we know.”
• Floridians know the Marco Rubio who oversaw increases in college tuition as Florida House Speaker, who voted to raise taxes year after year (a habit he picked up from his time on the West Miami City Commission), and who was deeply involved in the ethical scandals that rocked the Florida Republican Party.
• Floridians know the Marco Rubio who refuses to admit climate change is real, even though he lives in Miami, which already experiences flooding every month due to sea level rise.
• Floridians know the Marco Rubio who cannot keep his finances in order and likes to live large on someone else’s AmEx Black card
• Floridians know the Marco Rubio who counts corrupt former Congressman David Rivera as one of his best friends.
“Floridians know the real Marco Rubio, no matter how much he hopes we will forget. Americans rejected Marco Rubio’s tired Republican policies in 2008 and 2012, and will be happy to send him back to Miami in 2016,” added Tant.

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