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Marco Rubio Does Not Represent the Interests of Hispanics Living in America

Today, Marco Rubio announced his ambition to run for president. In his speech, did we hear how he was going to help the millions of Latinos in this country? Well, let’s see where he stands on the most significant issues affecting our community:

1. Immigration: Marco Rubio is against immigration reform. He is another Republican who refuses to integrate and reform this antiquated system to allow all immigrants to remain in this country and live the American Dream. The result is the deportation of thousands of Latinos who have assimilated into this country to only find that their families are being torn apart.

2. Minimum Wage: Marco Rubio believes that raising the minimum wage is a waste of time. Really? It isn’t a waste of time for the many Americans who depend on the increase to feed their families and afford the simple necessities of life. According to the Economic Policy Institute, more than a quarter of the Latino workforce and 56% of woman would benefit with the increase of the minimum wage.

3. Health Care: Marco Rubio believes in repealing the Affordable Health Care Act which has benefited millions of Latinos with health care benefits that they didn’t have before. College students under 26 years old who live with their parents are now receiving health care benefits that weren’t included in their parent’s previous insurance plans.

4. Women: Marco Rubio believes that women should not get equal pay for equal work. He voted against a bill that would have created equality in the workforce for women. He also believes that women should not have the right to make their own health care decisions.

Is this what America wants for their future? Latinos need a presidential candidate that will represent the true ideals of the Latino community and I’m sorry to say, “You, Marco Rubio are not the solution.”

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