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Statement on Passage of Online Voter Registration In the Senate

Today, following the Senate’s overwhelming passage of the online voter registration bill (SB 228), the Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant issued the following statement:

“I want to thank Senator Jeff Clemens for championing online voter registration and working across the aisle to pass the bill out of the Senate with strong bipartisan support,” said FDP Chair Allison Tant. “There’s a reason online voter registration has won broad bipartisan support — it’s the most secure and cost effective way to register new voters. At a time when the House is mired in dysfunction, this commonsense, bipartisan bill should should not fall victim to the GOP’s infighting. All elected officials, regardless of party, should be proud to protect and defend the right to vote. It’s time for the House to stand strong with the Senate and bring online voter registration to Florida no matter what Rick Scott’s administration does or says.”

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