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Statement on the Passage of Online Voter Registration

Today, following the Senate’s overwhelming passage of the online voter registration bill championed by Sen. Jeff Clemens, Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant issued the following statement:

“I want to thank and congratulate Senator Jeff Clemens, his fellow Democrats, and Senate Republicans for working together to ensure the expansion of the right to vote in Florida. Online voter registration is the most secure and cost effective way to register new voters, and all elected officials should be willing to stand up for the right to vote.

“Throughout this process, the Scott administration’s opposition to online voter registration has been correctly dismissed by Republicans and Democrats alike. Their arguments don’t hold up, and Floridians know all too well that Rick Scott will stop at nothing to limit and suppress voting rights. If Rick Scott continues his tradition of craven political chicanery and vetoes this bill, the House and Senate should stand up for the right to vote and override it.”

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