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Statement on Rick Scott’s GOP Presidential Forum

Today, in response to Rick Scott’s event with six Republican presidential candidates and Bobby Jindal, Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant released the following statement: 

“The self-serving politicians Rick Scott invited to speak at his so-called “economic summit” reflect this governor’s total disconnect with the challenges middle class Floridians are facing. What advice does Rick Scott think his speakers can offer everyday Floridians?  

“Will Jeb Bush offer insight on how to cash in on your family name to make millions on more than a dozen shady corporate boards? Will Marco Rubio explain to Florida’s middle class why he raised taxes and slashed education spending by over $2 billion dollars? Will Chris Christie give tips on dealing with 9 credit downgrades? Will Scott Walker use himself as example of how to run a state budget into the ground? Scott’s other invitees are no better.

“In the end, all Rick Scott is hoping for with this event is a temporary distraction from his disastrous mismanagement of state government and inability to pass a budget. It’s not going to work.” 

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