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Statement on the Start of the Florida GOP's Special Session

Today, ahead of the start of the 2015 special session, Floridians are wondering if they can expect anything more than the infighting and grandstanding that sent the regular session off of the rails. So far, it doesn’t look good:

Richard Corcoran and the House GOP show no signs of wanting to pull their heads out of the sand. Common sense, bipartisan compromise seems the furthest thing from the House leadership’s minds.

During the GOP’s self-inflicted crisis, Rick Scott has proven to be a man in search of a buck to pass. From proposing socialist profit-sharing to attempting to force teaching hospitals to subsidize his tax cut proposals, Rick Scott has lurched from one disastrous idea to another.

Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant said, “For Richard Corcoran and Rick Scott, it is clear that the ends justify the means — no matter the cost to middle class Floridians or those without access to affordable health care. Their willingness to use children with special needs and Florida’s veterans as political pawns says all you need to know about their priorities. Corcoran and Scott have successfully brought Washington dysfunction to Tallahassee, and Floridians are paying the price.

“If Rick Scott and Richard Corcoran were capable of feeling shame, now would be the time.”

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