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The Shady Bunch: Rick Scott’s Partners In Scandal



When Rick Scott is not busy failing to pass a budget or implementing socialist profit-sharing among Florida’s hospitals, he can be found in Orlando hosting a self-aggrandizing pageant with some of the Republican Party’s most scandal-plagued presidential candidates.

While Rick Scott is the record-breaking king of fraud and scandal, the seven speakers he invited to his event can hold their own.

Scott Walker has been implicated in a “criminal scheme” involving illegal coordination with political groups. 

Jeb Bush made his millions sitting on multiple corporate boards that were either under federal investigation or being sued by shareholders.  

Marco Rubio lived large on the Republican Party of Florida’s credit cards, double billed taxpayers on flights, and has a record of sloppy bookkeeping as long as his friendship with David Rivera. 

The ongoing investigation into Chris Christie’s “Bridgegate” scandal is still resulting in indictments — while costing taxpayers more than $7 million dollars. 

Speaking of indictments, Rick Perry is still facing two felony charges for coercion and abuse of official capacity as a public official. 

Mike Huckabee had his staff physically destroy state hard-drives and as many public records as possible when he left office in 2007.

And Bobby Jindal will be there too. Jindal’s complete mismanagement of Louisiana’s finances has earned him a charitable 30-odd percent approval rating in his home state and earns him a pity mention here.

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