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Statement on Senate’s Passage of Free Market Health Care Plan

In response to the Florida Senate’s overwhelming passage of a free market health care plan, Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant made the following statement: 

“I commend the Florida Senate on their vote to expand access to health care to over 600,000 Floridians. While the bill is not perfect, the bipartisan leadership shown by the State Senate is exactly what the people of Florida are looking for in their legislature. Every step of the way Democrats have been proud to stand up for health care for working Floridians. 

“It is past time for the Republican leaders of the Florida House to support this common sense, bipartisan plan. It is unconscionable that wealthy Republican legislators pay just $30 a month for health care while hundreds of thousands of working Floridians — and tens of thousands of veterans — cannot afford quality care. Floridians deserve better than the House Republicans’ Washington-style dysfunction and brinksmanship.”

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