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Missing In Action: Carlos Lopez-Cantera

What has Lt. Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera done lately to earn his $124,000 salary? 


• On Monday, he took a tour of Florida’s Department of Revenue. 

• On Tuesday, he applauded at Rick Scott’s Republican presidential campaign pageant in Orlando.

• On Wednesday, he held a fundraiser for the Alachua County Republican Party.

• On Thursday… he appears to have done just about nothing. 

Besides that? Not much. All while collecting his $124,000 taxpayer salary. So much for fiscal responsibility — while Florida’s state government is in a budget crisis Lopez-Cantera has done nothing to help resolve. 

If this is the best Florida’s Republican establishment can find to run against Tea Party radical Ron DeSantis, it’s no wonder they are panicking. After all, Lopez-Cantera wasn’t even his even his own Super PAC’s first choice for U.S. Senate. 

So, that may not sound like a heavy work schedule to you. But that sounds exactly like an career establishment politician to Floridians.


Lt. Governor Lopez-Cantera’s Schedule Was Nearly Empty In The First Week of June. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, Lopez-Cantera’s calendar was completely empty. His calendar had only one item on it on Monday and Friday. (Scott/Lopez-Cantera Administrative Schedules, 6/1/15, 6/2/15, 6/3/15, 6/4/15, 6/5/15).

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