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Lopez-Cantera Takes Heat for Shirking His Job

 Even Gov. Rick Scott Won’t Defend His No-Show Lieutenant Governor

Middle class Floridians have to work hard every day to get ahead. Wealthy career politicians like Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera don’t — he collects a six-figure salary without even showing up at the office. 

Now, reports are holding Lopez-Cantera accountable for working part-time hours on the taxpayers’ dime: first on SaintPetersBlog, and then on WJXT in Jacksonville, WINK in Ft. Myers, and WCJB in Gainesville  

Of course, he’s still putting in the hours fundraising for his Super PAC

Here are the highlights:

• Gov. Rick Scott, Lopez-Cantera’s boss, refuses to defend him: “Well, you can talk to the lieutenant governor about his work schedule,” Scott told reporter Mike Vasalinda. 

• In April, as House and Senate relations were melting down, Lopez-Cantera was nowhere to be found. He was on the job just 40 percent of the time that month.

• “According to his own calendar, he worked only 35 hours in April and under 13 hours in May. And so far this month, he has put in only 8 measly hours.“ 

WATCH: Lopez-Cantera’s Limited Work Hours on WINK News

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