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Florida Democrats Call on Curbelo to Condemn Donald Trump’s Racist Comments

In the wake of GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump’s racist comments, many Republicans across the country have condemned the remarks as unacceptable and out-of-touch with the values our country treasures. Others, like Congressman Curbelo, have stood silently by and refused to distance themselves from Trump’s rhetoric. 

In response, Florida Democratic Party spokesman Max Steele made the following statement: 

“It’s a shame that condemning racist, anti-immigrant comments seems to require an act of political courage for so many Republicans. Just because Donald Trump is a frontrunner for the GOP presidential nomination doesn’t mean his rhetoric should be tolerated by Florida Republicans like Carlos Curbelo.  

“What kind of message is Congressman Curbelo sending by standing silently by while a Republican Party leader makes hateful comments? His is silence in unacceptable, and the Florida Democratic Party calls on him to join his fellow Republicans in condemning Trump’s comments. 

“Perhaps the reason Curbelo remains silent is he might have been a lobbyist for Donald Trump. Floridians have no way of knowing since Curbelo still refuses to release his client list from his career as a lobbyist for big corporations.

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