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Carlos Lopez-Cantera: Career Tallahassee Politician

Today, in response to Lieutenant Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera’s announcement that he will run for United States Senate, Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant released the following statement: 

“Professional Tallahassee politician Carlos Lopez-Cantera has built his career on lining the pockets of wealthy special interests and pandering to the most extreme fringe of the Republican Party — all at the expense of Florida’s middle class. Now, Rick Scott’s yes-man wants to take his self-serving brand of crony politics to the United States Senate, where he would do what career politicians always do in Washington: make thing worse. 

“Unfortunately for Lopez-Cantera, he won’t be able to hide behind Rick Scott or his wealthy special interests funders when he hits the campaign trail and is forced to explain his disastrous record of putting politics and profits ahead of the people he supposedly serves.  

“Lopez-Cantera supported cutting over a billion dollars from public schools and universities while hiking tuition. He voted to allow near-shore oil drilling and sponsored massive taxpayer handouts to some of Florida’s biggest corporations — including $3.2 billion Duke Energy fleeced from ratepayers. He whipped votes to pass a mandatory ultrasound bill, and even voiced enthusiastic support for bringing an Arizona-style immigration law to Florida, calling the measure ‘common sense.’ And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 

“When career politician Lopez-Cantera takes his extreme record of voting against the middle class on the road, he’s in for a rude awakening.”  


Lopez-Cantera’s Record of Putting Politics and Profits First: 

2006: Lopez-Cantera voted to allow Duke Energy implement the nuclear cost recovery fee that forced Florida ratepayers to give Duke $3.2 billion dollars for a nuclear plant that was never built. (Florida Senate Archives, vote on SB 888, 5/3/06) 

2009: Lopez-Cantera voted to allow near-shore oil drilling on Florida’s coasts. (Florida House of Representatives, vote on HB 1219, 3/27/09)

2010: Lopez-Cantera whipped votes to enforce mandatory ultrasounds before abortions. (Majority Whip Carlos Lopez-Cantera Press Release, 6/11/10)

2011: Lopez Cantera Supported Legislation “Similar to Arizona’s Racial Profiling Law.” (National Immigration Law Center, 3/22/11)

2011: Lopez-Cantera voted to cut $1.3 billion from public schools. (Florida House of Representatives, vote on SB 2000, 5/7/11 

2012: Lopez-Cantera voted to cut $300 million from Florida colleges. (Florida House of Representatives, vote on HB 5001, 3/9/12)

2012: Lopez-Cantera voted to raise tuition by as much as 15% on Florida’s students. (Florida Board of Governors Press Release, 6/25/12)

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