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Statement On Rep. Adkins' Ridiculous Redistricting Comments

Today, in response to Politico’s story detailing Rep. Janet Adkins’ discriminatory comments about Congresswoman Corrine Brown’s congressional district, Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant released the following statement: 

“To say that these appalling comments from Rep. Janet Adkins have no place in our political process would be an understatement. No, Rep. Adkins, the majority of North Florida African Americans do not ‘live in the prisons.’ And no, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 is not a ‘monster of our political correctness,’ as you implied. 

“It goes without saying that Rep. Adkins owes an apology to Congresswoman Brown, the people of North Florida, and the African-American community. The Republican Party of Florida, who hosted the event where this strategy was outlined behind closed doors, must condemn these comments. House Republican leadership, who has sought to emphasize their supposedly clean hands during the redistricting process, cannot stand silently by while their members offer such disgusting comments. 

Rep. Adkins’ endorsement of discriminating against African-Americans is a perfect example of everything that’s wrong with Florida’s current redistricting process and the GOP’s culture of disenfranchisement.”

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