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Florida Democrats Offer to Buy Rubio A Plane Ticket

Today, Politico reported on Marco Rubio’s latest fundraising gimmick: asking donors to pay for his campaign travel while he spends time doing everything but the job Floridians elected him to do.  

Given the fact that Rubio boasts one of the worst attendance record in the Congress, Florida Democrats have decided to take him up on his offer. If Marco Rubio promises to attend all of his votes, committee meetings, and hearings in Congress this week, we will pay for his round trip flight from Florida to Washington, D.C. 

“Instead of begging hardworking Americans who actually show up to their jobs to subsidize his campaign travel, Marco Rubio should make use of the $174,000 taxpayers are already paying him and show up to work,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesman Max Steele. “Clearly the shame of failing the people of Florida isn’t a compelling enough reason for Rubio to do his job, so we will sweeten the deal. 

“If Rubio agrees to show up to work and not miss any votes, committee meetings, or hearings this week, Florida Democrats will be happy to pick up the tab for a round-trip flight from Miami to Washington. But given the fact that Rubio has missed 60% of his votes since June, we hope he will forgive us if we buy a refundable ticket.”

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