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Jolly-Come-Lately: Congressman’s Hypocritical Grandstanding Falls Flat

In a desperate attempt to generate interest in his Senate campaign, Congressman David Jolly has apparently just discovered Donald Trump is fond of “bigoted, hate-filled rhetoric.” But there are a few problems.

This is the same David Jolly who, in an interview, answered “Yes” to the question of whether or not he would support Donald Trump if he became the Republican nominee.

This is the same David Jolly who recently told Pinellas County Young Republicans, “I have a lot of respect for Donald Trump.” 

This is the same David Jolly who supports a Republican presidential candidate who also called for implementing a religious test.

“Just a few months ago, Congressman Jolly said he respected Trump and would vote for him should he become the nominee,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesman Max Steele. “If Congressman Jolly truly believes a religious test ‘defies everything we believe in,’ how can he support Jeb Bush, who called for screening refugees based on their religion? 

“Trump’s bigotry and hate are nothing new, and this clumsy grandstanding just leaves the Congressman looking like a Jolly-come-lately.”

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