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New Web Video: The Rubio Card

The Rubio Card: For Career Politicians Seeking New Opportunities to be Financially Reckless

Ahead of tomorrow night’s Republican presidential primary debate, the Florida Democratic Party released a new web video highlighting Marco Rubio’s long history of financial mismanagement. 

Rubio used the Republican Party of Florida’s credit card to renovate his house and go on a $10,000 resort vacation while double-billing taxpayers for flights and paying relatives through his political committees. Rubio still refuses to answer questions about his finances, even as new ones are raised every day

While the concept of a job interview may be new to a career politician like Marco Rubio, voters deserve honest answers about his financial malfeasance. Yet every time he’s asked about it, he dodges, lies, and dismisses the concerns voters have,” said FDP Chair Allison Tant. “How can Marco Rubio expect Americans to trust him with the nation’s finances when he has proven unable to manage his own throughout his entire career? 

“Unlike Marco Rubio, middle class Americans recognize a risk they cannot afford.” 

Watch “The Rubio Card”:

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