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BREAKING: Lobbyist Congressman Discovers Link Between Money, Politics

Today, in response to Congressman and lobbyist David Jolly’s recent discovery that money can have a negative impact on the political process, Florida Democratic Party spokesman Max Steele made the following statement:  

“David Jolly’s sudden change of heart on political fundraising, which comes less than 24 hours after launching his Super PAC, is as laughable as it is hypocritical. Taking a back seat to your Super PAC on fundraising is not reform.

“Does Jolly, who built his career as a D.C lobbyist by lining the pockets of elected officials with special interest dollars, truly expect Floridians to believe he’s suddenly discovered the influence of money in politics? This disingenuous political stunt fails to take the necessary steps to bring about substantive campaign finance reform and is nothing more than an attempt to distract from a flagging Senate campaign.”

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