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Donald Trump Closes Deal To Acquire (What’s Left Of) David Jolly’s Integrity

As his xenophobic campaign steamrolls to the Republican presidential nomination, Donald Trump announced yesterday that he’s closed the deal on his latest business acquisition: David Jolly’s integrity.

Two months ago, Jolly called on Trump to withdraw from the presidential race, citing his “brutal, bullying bigotry.” Since then, Trump’s rhetoric has only become more extreme, aggressive, and discriminatory. But if Floridians expected the former lobbyist to hold true to his “principled stand” against Trump, yesterday’s Tampa Bay Times story detailing his clumsy attempts at appeasement make it clear the kind of spineless Washington politician Jolly truly is.

From the Tampa Bay Times

In December, after Trump called for a temporary ban on Muslims entering the country, Jolly denounced his “brutal, bullying bigotry” and called on him to withdraw from the race. Weeks later, Jolly predicted to the Times that if Trump became the nominee Jolly would not make it to the Senate because Trump would be crushed in the general election. 

Since then, Jolly said, he has seen Trump’s tone soften. He applauds Trump’s calls to shake up Washington’s political establishment and they have similar priorities for veterans care and national security, but he continues to have concerns about his demeanor. At the same time, though, Jolly has concerns about Rubio’s record of regularly missing votes and hearings as a senator.

In response, Florida Democratic Party spokesman Max Steele issued the following statement:

“Floridians deserve an explanation from Congressman Jolly as to why he can condemn Trump’s bigotry one month and cheerlead his xenophobic campaign in another. While it’s understandable that Jolly is desperately seeking relevance for his floundering campaign, what message does this cowardice send to the women, Hispanics, African Americans, veterans, Muslims, and disabled Floridians targeted by Trump’s bullying?

“Floridians deserve a United States Senator they can count on to stand up and fight for them. Jolly has proven today that he can’t even be counted on to stand up for himself.”

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