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GOP Senate Candidates Refuse to Back Rubio

Republicans Seeking to Replace Rubio All Aboard the Trump Train

Following GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s resounding Super Tuesday victories, Florida’s Republican Senate candidates have found one topic they can all agree on: not backing Marco Rubio ahead of the Sunshine State’s March 15th primary.

See for yourself: 

David Jolly: Even though Jolly called on Trump to drop out, he now “applauds Trump’s calls to shake up Washington’s political establishment and they have similar priorities for veterans care and national security” 

 Todd Wilcox: Wilcox believes Trump is “brash and bold… a masterful entertainer” who he praised as “non-PC.” 

Carlos Lopez-Cantera: Lopez-Cantera feels the “Republican Party will put up a superior nominee.” If that “superior” individual ends up being Trump, he will “support the Republican nominee for President.”

Ron DeSantis: While DeSantis has claimed neutrality, he accepted contributions from the Presidential frontrunner.

Carlos Beruff: Beruff praised Trump, saying that he thinks Trump has “tapped into the dissatisfaction of the public” and Florida Trump Co-Chairman Joe Gruters attended Beruff’s announcement event and stated that he had “never seen anybody transform government agencies the way he  [Beruff] has.” 

“Given the Trump-esque insults the Republican Senate candidates are hurling at one another daily, it’s no wonder they are eager to embrace Trump over Rubio,” said FDP spokesman Max Steele. “As Rubio’s dismal campaign limps into the Florida primary with increasingly desperate rationalizations for his continued candidacy, his potential successors are aligning themselves with their new boss — Donald Trump.

“If your reaction to Trump’s dangerous, bigoted campaign is a mix of encouraging words and calculated political dodges, you do not deserve to represent any state in the Senate, let alone a proudly diverse Florida.”

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