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“Little Marco” Gets Trumped

Billionaire Bests Not So Favorite Son Marco Rubio

Following tonight’s profound rejection by Florida Republicans, Marco Rubio has run out of excuses. 

His ambition and professional delinquency have once again brought Florida’s part-time Senator an embarrassing rebuke. In response to this fitting end to Rubio’s disaster of a campaign, Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant issued the following statement:

“Florida Democrats knew that once Americans got to know Marco, they would see what those of us in the Sunshine State have known all along: Rubio is nothing more than a self-centered career-politician heavy on ambition and light on substance. 

“Floridians will not forget that Rubio cowardly placed partisan politics ahead of doing what was right when it came to immigration reform and dealing with Donald Trump. After months of ignoring Trump’s escalating rhetoric, Rubio maintained that he would support Trump in the general election despite the GOP frontrunner’s campaign spiraling into vitriol and violence.  

“While it remains to be seen if Rubio will attempt to salvage the wreckage of his political career, no amount of spin can distract from the clear lesson of this campaign: ‘Little Marco’ just can’t deliver.”

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