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Statement On Bob Sutton’s Refusal to Resign

Today, Florida Democratic Party Executive Director Scott Arceneaux released the following statement regarding Broward GOP Chairman Bob Sutton’s feeble apology for making vile, sexist comments and his refusal to do the right thing and resign immediately:

“Bob Sutton’s half-hearted apology does not absolve him of taking full responsibility for his actions. Sadly, his comments were only the latest in a series of misogynistic, degrading remarks that he’s made about women. Surely everyone can agree that this is not the type of example a public school teacher should be setting.

“At this point an apology won’t cut it. It’s time for Sutton to resign. The Republican Party of Florida and the Republican National Committee share in the blame for tolerating this type of embarrassing behavior. Sutton can’t help himself and the Party of Trump is willing to enable him. This just shows that the Republican Party remains all talk and no action when it comes to reaching out to women and minorities.”

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