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GOP Senate Candidates All Aboard Trump Train

The Republican Party of F̶l̶o̶r̶i̶d̶a̶ Trump

It took less than 48 hours for all five Republican U.S. Senate candidates to cowardly fall in line behind Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Their craven political calculation sends a crystal clear message to Floridians that these Republicans proudly stand with a racist, misogynistic bully who has giddily advocated war crimes and embraced political violence.

In response, Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant made the following statement:

“Donald Trump is the most dangerous presidential candidate in living memory and every Republican U.S. Senate candidate in Florida believes he has passed the commander-in-chief test. Their willingness to turn over the most powerful military in the world to a pathological liar with poor impulse control disqualifies them from serving the people of Florida in the Senate.

“Floridians from all walks of life who have been targets of Trump’s racism, sexism, and xenophobia will remember in November.”

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