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10 Questions GOP U.S. Senate Candidates Must Answer

Trump’s policies are as dangerous and bigoted as his rhetoric, and reflect a reckless candidate who lacks the temperament to be commander-in-chief. The rapid embrace of Trump’s candidacy by Florida’s Republican U.S. Senate candidates raises serious questions about their judgement — and Floridians deserve answers.

Here are 10 questions David Jolly, Carlos Lopez-Cantera, Ron DeSantis, Carlos Beruff, and Todd Wilcox must answer:

Do you think Donald Trump is qualified to nominate the next Supreme Court Justice?

Do you agree with Trump that “wages are too high” in America?

Do you agree that there should be “punishment” for women seeking abortions?

Will you support Trump’s plan to round-up and forcibly deport 11 million undocumented workers?

Do you believe we should build a border wall with Mexico and that Mexico will pay for it?

Do you agree with Trump that we should discriminate based on religion and refuse to allow Muslims to enter the country?

Do you agree with Trump that we should roll back the First Amendment?

Do you agree with Trump that women running for office are playing the “woman card”?

Does Trump’s praise of geopolitical adversaries like Vladimir Putin disqualify him to be commander-in-chief?

Do you agree with Trump on the use of tactics like killing civilians, waterboarding, and “much worse” in war zones in violation of international law?

We’ll wait.

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