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Pam Bondi's Devastating Week

Pam Bondi is having the worst week she’s had since getting caught rescheduling an execution to attend a campaign kickoff. Not a single Republican elected official has offered any defense of her conduct. And how could they?

If Pam Bondi truly did nothing wrong she would be the first to welcome an independent investigation to clear her name. She has offered no defense of her actions aside from saying her office failed to investigate these claims.  When your only excuse is arguing you failed to do your job, you know you’ve got a problem. 

Bondi recently claimed to be “devastated” by these allegations. If that is true, then maybe she can understand how the Floridians who were ripped off by Trump University felt when they reached out to her for help.  

Here are some of the headlines Bondi has earned this week:

CBS: Democrats call for probe into Donald Trump’s donation to FL attorney general

Reuters: Democrats seek probe of Trump donation to Florida attorney general 

MSNBC: ‘Trump U’ scandal gets worse for Florida’s AG 

Miami Herald Column: Donald Trump buys himself an attorney general for $25,000 

Miami Herald Editorial: Look Pam Bondi’s gift horse in the mouth

Orlando Sentinel: Bondi tries to defend herself in Trump case … and fails 

Orlando Sentinel Editorial: Investigate Pam Bondi on Trump donation 

Politico: Bondi loses top staffer as Trump fallout mounts 

Tampa Bay Times Column: A not-so-formal complaint — Attorney General Pam Bondi scammed me

Tampa Bay Times Editorial: Bondi owes Floridians answers about Donald Trump ties 

AP: Complaints mount against Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi

Orlando Sentinel: Florida Dems call for probe of Trump’s Bondi donation

Sun Sentinel: Calls grow for Trump-Bondi investigation 

Miami New Times: Democrats Demand Probe as Bondi Admits Asking for Donation Before Dropping Trump University Case 

Tampa Bay Times: Pam Bondi silent as Trump controversies build

Palm Beach Post Editorial: Independent probe needed into Bondi’s handling of Trump U.

Miami Herald: South Miami vice mayor to Pam Bondi: Investigate Trump Institute

Bay News 9: Florida GOP mum on unfolding Bondi Trump scandal

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