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Statement On Latest Development in Trump-Bondi Scandal

Today the Tampa Bay Times reported that, yet again, internal documents from the Attorney General’s office conflict with what Pam Bondi has said publicly about the growing scandal surrounding Trump University. Bondi’s claim that there was “no basis” to investigate fraud allegations is false — according to her own staff.  

In response to the Tampa Bay Times report on Bondi’s latest lie, Florida Democratic Party spokesman Max Steele made the following statement: 

“After yet another bombshell report detailing Pam Bondi’s dereliction of duty when Floridians counted on her to protect them from fraudsters like Donald Trump, there can be no question that an independent investigation into the Attorney General’s conduct is required. If Pam Bondi had nothing to hide she would not continue to lie about what she knew and when she knew it. Floridians deserve answers and it’s clear we’re not going to get them from Donald Trump’s Attorney General Pam Bondi.” 

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