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Sandy Hook Mother Condemns Marco Rubio’s Refusal to Act on Gun Violence

This evening, CNN interviewed Nelba Marquez-Greene, the mother of a victim of the Sandy Hook shooting, and she had a clear message for Marco Rubio: it’s time to stop playing politics and stand on the right side of history to prevent gun violence

Watch the clip here:

Here is an excerpt of Nelba Marquez-Greene’s comments: 

“I am incredibly angry at the number of Senators and officials who looked at me in the face when we went to Washington after Sandy Hook and said there is nothing we can do, Marco Rubio being one of them, and now disaster is at his doorstep. I am angry at the Senators who hid behind their bibles and said there is nothing we can do because this is a constitutional right. I believe there is a way we can protect the constitution and protect Amerian families because my daughter also had a right to live.

“And you know what I have to say to him? I have to say: Senator Rubio you looked in my face and told me there was nothing you could do about gun responsibility because you were voting for immigration and now look what has happened at your door. I compel you to join us, to join the movement. To be on the right side of history. To pray and act. Because yes we believe in the power of prayer but we believe in the power of prayer along with action. And now look. We’re ready to receive you on the right side of history when you’re ready Senator Rubio. Come on board.”

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