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Our Statement on Rubio’s Opposition to Senate Gun Safety Proposals

Less than a week after Marco Rubio conducted a political strategy meeting with the Lieutenant Governor at the scene of the Orlando shooting, he was given the chance to vote on commonsense gun safety measures backed by the overwhelming majority of Floridians. Unlike Senator Nelson, who championed these efforts, Rubio sided with the NRA and voted against the bills.

In response, Florida Democratic Party spokesman Max Steele made the following statement: 

“The only thing more disgusting than Marco Rubio strategizing about what office to run for next at the scene of the deadliest shooting in United States history is his continued refusal to support commonsense gun safety measures backed by 9 out of 10 Floridians. Today’s disgraceful votes demonstrate the depths of Rubio’s callousness and prove, yet again, that the only Floridian Marco is looking out for is himself.”

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