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Rubio Enters “Flip-Flop Hall of Fame” With Campaign Rollout

After spending the better part of 2016 complaining about his Senate job and comparing his hand size to Donald Trump, Marco Rubio entered the “Flip-Flop Hall of Fame” with his decision to run for reelection after all. Sadly, this transparent opportunism and shameless hypocrisy are what Floridians have come to expect from their part-time Senator. 

Check out some of the terrible headlines Marco Rubio is waking up to this morning: 

MSNBC: Rubio breaks his word, decides to seek re-election: “It was largely a matter of when, not if, Rubio would go back on his promise to the public.”

Miami Herald: Sen. Marco Rubio plays fast and loose with his pledge not to run: “After spending a year telling anyone who asked that he really couldn’t stand being in the U.S. Senate, given how it’s so ineffective and such a waste of time, all of a sudden Marco Rubio has undergone an epiphany. He wants back in!

Sun Sentinel: What Marco Rubio will face if he runs: “Apparently, the GOP‘s best candidates didn’t run, because Senate Republicans want Rubio to break his pledge.”

Washington Post: Marco Rubio will seek Senate re-election, reversing pledge not to run: “Sen. Marco Rubio will announce Wednesday he will seek re-election to the Senate, reversing a pledge he made a year ago….” 

CNN: Marco Rubio reverses and will run for Senate seat: “Rubio’s announcement marks a 180-degree turn from where he was even just a month ago, when he insisted he would give up his Senate seat at the end of this term.” 

USA Today: Marco Rubio to run for re-election to the Senate: “Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is going to announce Wednesday he will run for re-election, multiple media outlets reported, reversing his prior pledge that he would not try to return to the Senate…” 

Miami Herald: Rubio says yes to another Senate run after all: “…Marco Rubio announced Wednesday he has changed his mind and will run for re-election to the U.S. Senate, reversing his pledge to return to private life after his presidential campaign collapsed three months ago.” 

Cook Political Report: Florida Senate: Rubio’s In. Race Remains a Toss Up: “At the time, he assured anyone who asked that he wouldn’t change his mind about running for re-election.”

New York Times: Marco Rubio to Seek Re-election as Florida Senator: “Senator Marco Rubio of Florida has decided to seek re-election to the Senate after months of insisting that he would not run again…”

Tampa Bay Times: Marco Rubio reverses course, announces he’s running for re-election to the Senate: “Marco Rubio on Wednesday broke a longstanding promise not to seek re-election” 

Tampa Bay Times: Marco Rubio takes a seat in the Flip-Flop Hall of Fame: He showed signs of rethinking that position in recent weeks, particularly after the Orlando shooting. On June 22, Rubio announced he will seek a second term. We rate his change in position as a Full Flop. 

Jezebel: Resentful Florida Teen Will Seek Senate Reelection After All, and Honestly, Why Do You Guys Even Care, Go Away: “I have only said like 1000 times I will be a private citizen in January,” failed Republican presidential candidate and agitated ninth grader Marco Rubio tweeted approximately one month ago…”

LA Times:  Marco Rubio launches Senate reelection bid, says he’ll rein in Clinton, Trump: “Marco Rubio announced Wednesday that he will seek reelection to the Senate, a risky political move and a reversal from his vow to return to private life following a failed White House bid.”

Esquire: It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s Marco Rubio Back from His Failed Campaign! : “Wait. Marco Rubio actually was on Capitol Hill? He actually was going to a meeting? He was actually Being A Senator, at least as long as the bottled water in the conference room held out?” 

NY Mag: Rubio Comes Full Circle, Will Run for Reelection: “…a bigger problem is probably the contempt he so often showed for the Senate during his presidential campaign, brushing off missed votes as meaningless and all but blaming his immigration-policy albatross on the corrupt and corrupting nature of Congress.” 

Politico: Cruz endorses Rubio Senate run: “Rubio announced earlier Wednesday that he had reversed his previous decision and would run for his Senate seat, two days before the filing deadline.”

Slate: Rubio Changes Mind, Will Run for Senate Reelection: “Republican Florida senator and former presidential contender Marco Rubio has claimed for months that he would return to private life if/when he failed to win the GOP nomination.”

Orlando Weekly: Marco Rubio decides he wants to keep being our U.S. senator after all: “…Rubio has decided Floridians have not had enough of him and announced his re-election campaign Wednesday.”

ABC News: Marco Rubio to Seek Senate Re-Election: “After months of ruling out a re-election bid for his U.S. Senate seat during his unsuccessful presidential run, Florida Republican Marco Rubio says he will seek re-election this November.” 

Roll Call: Rubio To Seek Re-election to Senate: “Florida Republican Marco Rubio is now running for the Senate seat he was prepared to give up — until his presidential aspirations were derailed by New York billionaire Donald Trump.”  

Daily Beast: Marco Rubio Wants to Return to a Job He Hates: “Now, Rubio is mounting his latest reinvention; going from “never going to run for re-election” to the Senate, to maybe, to ‘yes.’”

New Times: Marco Rubio Will Run for Senate, but He Still Sounds Like He’s Running Against Trump and Clinton: “Marco Rubio announced this morning that he’s running for Senate after more than a year of not only swearing he wouldn’t run for reelection but also openly decrying the work of the legislative body itself. It’s a flip-flop so big that Shaquille O’Neal could happily wear it to the beach.”

Gawker: Marco Rubio Is Really Doing This: “Marco Rubio, who swore up and down he was done with the Senate, is now running for reelection, using the excuse that he was called into action by the Orlando Pulse attack. That’s a lie, and it’s a deeply cynical lie.”

Daily Kos: To keep his presidential dreams alive, Marco Rubio reverses course and announces re-election bid: “And yet on Wednesday, Rubio announced that he would reverse his longstanding promise not to seek re-election and would in fact run for a second term in the Senate.”

Associated Press: Marco Rubio, in reversal, will seek re-election to Senate: Former Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio announced Wednesday he will run for re-election to the Senate from Florida, reversing his retirement plans under pressure from GOP leaders determined to hang onto his seat and Senate control.

MediaIte: WATCH: MSNBC Reporter Asks Rubio If He Even Wants Senate Job After He Disparaged It So Much: “Marco Rubio announced that he wasn’t seeking senatorial reelection earlier this year and he seemed pretty serious about it, considering he repeated it over and over.”

West Orlando News: What A Joke: Rubio Running For Re-Election After All: “Just before the filing deadline for the U.S. Senate race, Marco Rubio has decided he wants to be a Senator again after pledging he would not seek re-election.”

Florida Politics: Joe Henderson: It’s not that Marco Rubio reneged; it’s that he did a lousy job in Senate

CNN: 9 Times Senate candidate Marco Rubio told us he didn’t like the Senate: “Rubio suspended his presidential campaign on March 15 following a double-digit loss to Donald Trump in his home state, but continued to insist he’d be out the door with the new year.”

Salon: Rubio’s running! It turns out Marco wasn’t done with the Senate after all: “Despite months of saying that if he wasn’t elected president this cycle he wouldn’t seek re-election to the Senate, it turns out Marco Rubio is going to run to keep his seat after all.” 

WUWF: Rubio Seeks Re-Election to Senate After Failed WH Run: Three months and 180 degrees later, Rubio issued a statement saying it’s important for him to continue in public service during what he calls a “critical time for the nation.” 

Bustle: These 15 Marco Rubio Reelection Memes Sum Up His Change Of Heart: After being pressured by fellow Republicans — including Trump — who believe Rubio’s re-election could help Republicans maintain a majority in the Senate, Rubio backtracked on his former statements. 

NPR: Marco Rubio To Run For Reelection To Florida Senate Seat: “… just 48 hours before Florida’s candidate deadline, Rubio announced on “Fox News” that he had simply changed his mind.” 

Reuters: Rubio seeks re-election to Senate, says Trump ‘worrisome’: Former Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio will seek re-election to his U.S. Senate seat, he announced on Wednesday, reversing a pledge not to run and saying the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency worries him.

Outside the Beltway: Marco Rubio Decides He’s Running For Re-Election After All: “…Florida Senator Marco Rubio announced today that, notwithstanding the decision he made more than a year a go to eschew running for reelection to the Senate in favor of running for President, Florida Senator Marco Rubio announced today that he would run for relection after all” 

MTV: UPDATE: MARCO RUBIO WOULD LIKE TO AMEND HIS PREVIOUS STATEMENT ABOUT LEAVING POLITICS: “Absence makes the heart grow desperate. Marco Rubio, who said, “I am leaving the Senate. I am not running for reelection,” during a nationally televised debate last fall, has changed his mind and is running for reelection.” 

US News: Rubio Reverses Course, Says He’ll Run for Senate Re-Election: “Three months after dropping out of the presidential race and insisting he was done with politics, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio has decided to run for re-election, a reversal that’s hardly a surprise for the ambitious young politician who is widely expected to make another White House run in the near future.”

The Hill: Florida deserves better than often-absent Rubio:As noted in The Hill, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) — who had a high absentee rate for Senate business even before he launched his ill-fated run for president, and who ran for president with the promise he would not run for reelection to the Senate even if he lost the presidential sweepstakes — will be running for reelection after all.”

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