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Rubio Rewind

Today, the Florida Democratic Party released a new web video highlighting three of Rubio’s most infamous flip-flops. Rubio was for a pathway to citizenship before he was against it. He was against Donald Trump before he was for him. And, most recently, he was strongly against running for reelection before he changed his mind and decided it would be easier to run for President in 2020 from the Senate rather than the private sector. 

“How can Marco Rubio possibly expect the people of Florida to believe a word he says?” said FDP spokesman Max Steele. “Trapped by his ambition, Rubio can only be counted on doing what he thinks is best for himself — not his constituents. That’s why Rubio has no qualms about walking away from an immigration bill he drafted. It’s how he can endorse Donald Trump after calling him a con artist. And it explains how, after years of complaining about how much he hates his job in the Senate, Rubio has the nerve to ask to be rehired.” 

“Floridians know they just cannot trust Marco Rubio to keep his word when he makes a promise.” 

Watch it here:

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