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Without Irony, Marco Rubio Urges Voters to Hold Congressional Elites Accountable

This morning on CBS’s Face the Nation, United States Senator and failed presidential candidate Marco Rubio said with a straight face that he wants voters to hold “elites” in Congress accountable for their decisions. Surely Rubio’s newfound concern with holding elites accountable will come as a shock to the very people who’ve bankrolled his entire career and spent the last few months publicly begging him to go back on his word to the people of Florida and run for reelection. 

Marco Rubio was hand-picked to run by Washington elites to further their elite agenda, and his shameless pandering and transparent hypocrisy represent exactly what he’s condemning.

RUBIO: “You have to hold the elites and fancy economists and the Congress accountable for the decisions they make”

The Atlantic: Republicans Beg Marco Rubio to Keep His Day Job
“Mitch McConnell, the Senate majority leader, became the latest to jump on the Rubio train on Tuesday morning. Toward the end of his appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, McConnell brought up a potential Rubio bid unprompted. ‘We’re doing everything we can to encourage him to run,’ he said.”

NBC: Why Republicans Are Begging Rubio to Run for the Senate 
“Influential Republicans are begging defeated presidential candidate Marco Rubio to forget about his pledge not to run for reelection and instead seek a second term as Florida senator because he could make the difference between Democratic and Republican control of the Senate.”

CNN: McConnell: ‘We’re doing everything we can’ to get Rubio to run for re-election
“Rubio initially said he didn’t want to run for re-election to the Senate, and his dislike for the deliberative body became well known over the course of his unsuccessful presidential campaign… But amid growing pressure from top Republicans, Rubio has left the door open to a run he’d been vocally reluctant to make.”

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