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Rubio All Talking Points, No Substance on Gun Safety

After citing the Orlando shooting as the reason he changed his mind on running for reelection, Marco Rubio spent the last week campaigning for another term in the Senate where he would continue to oppose commonsense gun safety measures backed by more than 8 in 10 Floridians. Rubio claims to support efforts to “solve the problem” of gun violence but, unsurprisingly, refuses to put in the work necessary to find a solution. 

Marco Rubio offers Floridians no specifics, let alone solutions, on gun safety. When confronted by Michael Putney on This Week in South Florida, Rubio blamed his colleagues for not working to find a compromise. 

Watch here:

Rubio’s buck-passing is the height of hypocrisy for a Senator who too often cannot be bothered to actually show up for work. When given the chance to vote for a bipartisan compromise bill introduced by Republican Senator Susan Collins last week, Rubio sided with the NRA instead of the people of Florida. Since February 2015, Rubio has sponsored and introduced legislation that would repeal basic gun legislation in D.C. and extend protections for firearms manufacturers and dealers.

On gun safety, as with everything else, Marco Rubio is all talk and no substance.

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