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Floridians to Rubio: Where Have You Been?

Absentee Senator’s Visit to St. Lucie River Met with Protests 

Today, Marco Rubio was met by angry constituents when he decided to conduct a campaign photo-op at the devastated St. Lucie River in Stuart. Now that Rubio is running for reelection, he’s suddenly paying attention to the crises Florida is facing with a big show of newfound interest for the cameras. 

The people of Florida are not buying it.

For the past six years, Rubio has prioritized pursuing his ambition over doing what’s right for Floridians, and they are now turning out in crowds demanding to know where he was when these crises could have been prevented. Rubio is out of touch with the people of Florida, and he is in for a rude awakening if he thinks they won’t hold him accountable for his misplaced priorities.

Watch: Protesters greet Rubio during his campaign photo-op 

Since announcing his candidacy last week, Marco Rubio and his backers have held Washington fundraisers, purchased D.C. television ads, and huddled with major Florida donors. Given the reception he received today, it’s little wonder Little Marco is desperately trying to avoiding meeting his constituents. 

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