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Rubio to Tour Environmental Emergency He Did Nothing to Prevent

As the Treasure Coast’s toxic algae bloom crisis deepens, Floridians are left wondering whether or not their absentee Senator Marco Rubio will reverse his anti-evironmental policies and actually do his job to protect Florida’s ecosystems. While Rubio has consistently misinformed voters about environmental policies and ignored the growing algae blooms, it’s clear he will not let that get in the way of a campaign photo-op. 

In response to Rubio’s visit to the devastation he did nothing to prevent, Florida Democratic Party spokesman Max Steele issued the following statement:  

“Now that he’s surrounded by campaign photographers, Marco Rubio has suddenly found the time to address the toxic environmental strain that has been choking Florida waterways for years. What else could Floridians expect for a part-time Senator who abandoned the challenges facing the Sunshine State to pursue his presidential ambitions? On everything from environmental emergencies to Zika, Marco Rubio has shirked away from doing his job while the people of Florida have suffered. No amount of campaign photo-ops can erase Rubio’s career-long record of anti-evnironemntal and anti-science policies.”  


Rubio’s disgraceful record of attacking the environment in Florida and across the country has far-reaching effects. Rubio has said that supporting the environment would destroy the economy and he very publicly opposed clean energy efforts. As far back as 2007, Rubio voted to raid Florida’s Clean Water Trust Fund for over half of its funding. Even more striking, Rubio was the only Senator in a state affected by the BP oil spill to vote against aid to help clean up the environmental devastation, and doesn’t think there’s enough science to prove climate change is even real

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