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Manny Diaz Once Again Puts the NRA Ahead of His Constituents

With his vote against holding a special legislative session to address gun safety measures supported by more than 8 in 10 Floridians, Manny Diaz has once again put the NRA ahead of his constituents. His extreme positions on guns and refusal to act to reduce gun violence could not be more out of step with the voters of the 103rd House District. 

In response, FDP spokesman Max Steele gave the following statement: 

“Once again, special interest puppet Manny Diaz has sided with the NRA and refused to act on commonsense gun safety measures. Sadly, this is only the latest example of his extreme and irresponsible positions on guns. In Tallahassee, Diaz voted to put guns on college campuses, allow open carry, and block federal gun safety laws. His refusal to work with Democrats to pass gun safety legislation backed by more than 8 in 10 Floridians is a shameful dereliction of duty.”

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