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#SitInForThe49 protest in Rubio's Orlando office

Orlando residents have begun a 49 hour sit-in at Marco Rubio’s office to demand an end to the Senator’s opposition to commonsense gun safety measures backed by more than 8 in 10 Floridians. The sit-in will take place from 10:00am today through 11:00am Wednesday, and is using the hashtag #SitInForThe49 to honor the 49 victims of the Pulse shooting in Orlando last month. 

Marco Rubio cited the Orlando shooting as the event which lead him to reconsider running for reelection. However, when given the chance to vote for a bipartisan compromise bill introduced by Republican Senator Susan Collins after the shooting, he sided with the NRA instead of the people of Florida. Since February of 2015, Rubio has sponsored and introduced legislation that would repeal basic gun legislation in D.C. and extend protections for firearms manufacturers and dealers.

Videos and photos from the sit-in here:

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