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Rubio Holds First Zika Hearing One Year After Outbreak

This week, more than a dozen new cases of Zika were reported in Florida, adding to the growing tally of 282 cases, including 43 infected pregnant women. After months of insisting there was “no crisis” as he put his political ambition above the health and welfare of Floridians, Marco Rubio is finally holding a hearing on the Zika virus — 2 days before Congress goes into recess for the summer and a full year after the outbreak began. 

Now that he’s running for reelection, Rubio’s newfound interest in combating Zika highlights the fact that as this crisis has grown, presidential ambitions came first for No Show Marco. Ahead of today’s hearing, FDP Chair Allison Tant issued the following statement: 

“Marco Rubio waited a full year before deciding to hold his first hearing on the virus that has already infected at least 282 Floridians. Rubio recklessly placed his presidential ambitions ahead of the job he was elected to do, even as Florida faced numerous environmental and public health crises. This unacceptable dereliction of duty sends a clear message to Floridians about where Rubio’s priorities lie. As Rubio hits the campaign trail during Congress’ summer recess, Florida’s families will not forget that the only thing No Show Marco can be counted on to do is look out for himself.” 

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