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Day 3: Rubio’s Media Tour of Counties He Ignores

Today, Marco Rubio extends his campaign tour of communities he’s ignored for 5 years as he visits Pensacola and Fort Walton Beach. This marks Rubio’s first return to the region after he insultingly dismissed Panhandle voters during his failed presidential campaign. Last March, Rubio told Fox News, “you’re talking about North Florida, not heavily populated areas,” in an effort to lower media expectations in the primary.

But that wasn’t the only time No-Show Marco insulted North Florida. Rubio was the only Gulf state Senator to vote against the RESTORE Act after the BP oil spill. As always, Rubio put the D.C. special interests ahead of Florida families.

“When the BP oil spill reached the Panhandle four years ago, Marco Rubio refused to support the RESTORE Act, which is helping North Florida recover from economic and ecological fallout,” said Dianne Krumel, President at Escambia County Democratic Women’s Club. “When North Floridians needed help, Rubio caved to pressure from D.C. special interests and failed to stand up for his constituents. Panhandle voters are tired of Rubio’s insults and dismissiveness, and we look forward to electing a Senator who will actually show up to work.” 

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