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Donald Trump and Pam Bondi: Partners in Fraud

Today, as Pam Bondi speaks to the Republican National Convention, the Attorney General is adding insult to injury for the Floridians who turned to her for help after being scammed by Trump University. 

The facts are clear. After receiving complaints about Trump University defrauding Floridians, Bondi reached out to Trump to solicit a political donation. Several days after Trump’s charity made an illegal $25,000 donation to Bondi, the Attorney General announced she would not pursue an investigation into the fraud claims. Bondi then spent months dodging questions and lying about what she knew and when she knew it. 

Ahead of Bondi’s remarks tonight, FDP Chair Allison Tant issued the following statement:

“What message is Pam Bondi sending the Floridians who were ripped off by Trump University and turned to her for help? If Bondi was willing to look the other way on Trump’s fraud before he was even a candidate, what should Floridians expect from her if Trump became President? 

“Bondi’s conduct is a breach of public trust and her refusal to give a truthful account of what she knew and when she knew it is shameful. It’s clear that the only Floridian Pam Bondi is looking out for is herself.” 

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