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Rubio's "Terrifying" Nuclear Hypocrisy

Last night, on MSNBC’s Last Word, political analyst Jonathan Alter joined Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss the “terrifying” and “unpatriotic” hypocrisy of Marco Rubio’s allegiance to a man he doesn’t trust with the nuclear codes.


Jonathan Alter: “It’s terrifying. And it’s also terrifying to me that there are certain people who don’t trust him with the football, with the nuclear codes. They’ve said they don’t trust him, like Marco Rubio, and yet, they’re for him for President.”

Lawrence O’Donnell: “More people are voting for him than trust him with the nuclear codes.” 

Alter: “That’s the definition of unpatriotic. If you want somebody with this awesome responsibility who you don’t trust to protect the lives of millions of people.”


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