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Statement on Rubio’s Attendance of Anti-LGBT Orlando Rally

This week, on the two month anniversary of the Pulse shooting, Marco Rubio is scheduled to appear at an anti-LGBT rally in Orlando. Today, FDP Chair Allison Tant issued the following statement calling on Senator Rubio to cancel his appearance and apologize to Orlando’s LGBT community:  

“After shamelessly using the Pulse tragedy as an excuse to break his word on not running for reelection, Marco Rubio is choosing to commemorate the two-month anniversary of the shooting by joining an anti-LGBT rally in Orlando. While Rubio’s long record of opposing LGBT rights is well established, returning to Orlando to lend his voice to these radical groups is an inexcusable insult.

“Marco Rubio’s use of his Senate position to promote this anti-LGBT rally is unacceptable and he must decline their invitation. Electoral politics do not negate his duty to serve all Floridians. Senator Rubio owes an apology to Orlando’s LGBT community for agreeing to participate in this anti-equality rally in the first place.” 

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