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Marco Rubio All Aboard the Trump Train

This week Marco Rubio made it clear that he’s all aboard the Trump Train. He began by telling the Miami Herald that despite standing by all of his criticisms of Trump, he will still vote for the man he once said he could not trust with America’s nuclear arsenal. Last night he “delivered a strong election pitch” for Trump in Boca Raton. Rubio even scrubbed his website of trade positions that conflict with Trump. 

The Tampa Bay Times put it best: “Dangerous. Wholly unprepared. Lunatic. Con artist. Those are direct words from Marco Rubio about Donald Trump, and as Rubio said in a widely noted interview Monday, he stands by everything. But the Florida Republican also stands by Trump, whom he once vowed to oppose at all cost.” 

As always, Rubio is attempting to be all things to all people — even if it means saying with a straight face that he supports the man he once called “the most vulgar person to ever aspire to the presidency.” His craven opportunism knows no bounds which is why Florida Republican leaders are slamming Rubio as a “transparently hypocritical” politician with an “absence of principles or courage.”  

His cowardly surrender to Trump only serves to raise the obvious question: if Marco Rubio lacks the integrity to stand up to Trump now, how could Floridians count on him stand up to a President Trump? 

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