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Marco Rubio Commits to Koch Brothers, Not Floridians

This weekend, Marco Rubio is scheduled to speak at the Koch Brothers’ Americans for Prosperity summit in Orlando alongside other failed GOP Presidential candidates. Unlike Floridians, the Koch Brothers enjoy Marco Rubio’s full commitment to service as his 98% lifetime voting record shows. 

Ahead of tomorrow’s event, FDP spokesman Max Steele issued the following statement:

“Throughout his career, Marco Rubio has had no problem making commitments to serve his special interest backers like the Koch Brothers, the NRA, private prison operators, and anti-LGBT groups. Yet this week, Rubio repeatedly refused to commit to serving the people of Florida for a full term in the Senate, implying that he may yet again walk away from the job. Floridians know the only thing Marco Rubio is committed to is furthering his political ambitions while doing the bidding of his wealthy special interest backers, and his appearance at a Koch Brothers pep rally only serves to underscore his misguided priorities.” 

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