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Trump Supporter Marco Rubio Owes Floridians Answers

Throughout his campaign, Trump supporter Marco Rubio has repeatedly bragged about being able to keep either presidential candidate in check. After Trump’s disqualifying performance at last night’s Commander-In-Chief Forum, Marco Rubio now has the opportunity to do just that.  

“Why does Marco Rubio continue to support a presidential candidate who praises Vladimir Putin while calling our military leadership ‘embarrassing’?” said FDP Chair Allison Tant. “Does Marco Rubio feel comfortable with a Commander-In-Chief whose sole plan to combat global terrorism is to ‘take the oil’? Has Marco Rubio discussed with Trump the fact that the President cannot simply fire military leadership because, as his nominee put it, they ‘have been losing for us for a long period of time’?” 

“Marco Rubio went from calling Donald Trump a con artist to telling Floridians he should be the next Commander-In-Chief. There is no clearer example of Rubio’s willingness to say or do anything if he feels it will further his political ambitions. But Rubio’s political cowardice undermines his central campaign promise: If Marco Rubio can’t stand up to Donald Trump as a candidate, how could he stand up to Donald Trump as the Commander-In-Chief?”

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