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Rubio's Insulting NRA-Backed Gun Bill Stunt

Today, Marco Rubio introduced a toothless gun bill that does nothing to address gun violence in America. After using the Pulse tragedy as a reason to run for reelection, Rubio steadfastly refused to support meaningful bipartisan legislation that would have closed the terror loophole. Now, after securing campaigning funding and an endorsement from the NRA, Rubio is shamelessly attempting to mislead Floridians with a political stunt.

Rubio’s sham bill is not realistic or practical, and would not effectively combat gun violence. Under his plan, the Attorney General would be given a three day waiting period to prove that a suspected terrorist intends to commit an act of terrorism. If law enforcement were able to obtain that level of scrutinized evidence, the suspect would already be detained. 

Marco Rubio’s new gun bill, like the Senator himself, is transparently ineffective and would accomplish nothing,” said FDP Chair Allison Tant. “Rubio ignored the pleas of his constituents to join Republicans and Democrats in closing the terror loophole following the Pulse shooting. Shortly after the legislation failed, Rubio was endorsed by the National Rifle Association.

Marco Rubio’s shameful last minute lip-service is an insult to Floridians and does nothing to solve the problem of gun violence.”

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