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Marco Rubio’s Campaign of Lies

With no record of any meaningful accomplishment, Marco Rubio has resorted to a campaign of lies in an effort to win a second term in a job he hates. Over the last few weeks, fact check after fact check has demonstrated Rubio’s acute difficulty with the truth. 

Floridians know they can’t take Marco Rubio at his word because he’s never been able to keep it.  

FALSE: Patrick Murphy has voted against ‘every’ Zika funding bill, Marco Rubio says 

FALSE: Patrick Murphy wanted to cut Social Security and Medicare, Senate GOP says 

FALSE: Ad hitting Patrick Murphy revives zombie statistic of 300,000 losing plans due to Obamacare


MOSTLY FALSE: Ad attacking Patrick Murphy as among ‘least effective’ in Congress misses the mark


MOSTLY FALSE: Republican group misleads in attack on Patrick Murphy’s resume

MOSTLY FALSE: U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy’s policies will raise utility bills by $500 a year, Koch-backed group says

With Rubio’s special interest friends pouring money into lie-ridden attack ads, what do we know for sure?

MOSTLY TRUE: Marco Rubio has worst voting record of any Florida senator in nearly 50 years

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