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Pam Bondi Continues to Lie About Trump Foundation's Illegal Pay-to-Play Donation

Today, Pam Bondi’s attempt to provide answers about bribery allegations only served to raise more questions. Bondi gave a series of bizarre statements that contradict common sense as well as fact, while still denying Floridians an open, transparent accounting of the circumstances surrounding the illegal $25,000 donation she accepted from Trump’s foundation.  

This morning, Pam Bondi…

“Today’s press conference proves that Pam Bondi, like Donald Trump, just doesn’t get it,” said FDP Chair Allison Tant. “She’s gotten caught lying so many times that it’s amazing she can say with a straight face that there was ‘nothing improper’ about Trump’s illegal donation. The fact that she acknowledged the $25,000 donation looks like a bribe while still refusing to allow an independent inquiry makes it clear to all Floridians that Donald Trump and Pam Bondi think the rules don’t apply to them.”

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