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Rubio Calls Campaign Contributions from Previous Eureka Gardens Slumlords “Irrelevant”

Today, Marco Rubio’s shameless political grandstanding reached a hypocritical new low as he testified against the “slumlords” running Eureka Gardens for problems that dated back to the previous owners — who, along with their partners, just happened to have contributed $72,100 to Rubio’s campaign and PAC. 

When confronted by First Coast News with the fact that he was silent on the conditions until Eureka Gardens was taken over by new ownership, Rubio called the timing of his investigation and massive political donations from the prior owners “irrelevant.” Florida’s self-interested Senator was not fighting to make this terrible situation better when his own donors ran the business, and even as Rubio promotes his involvement now, he still won’t apologize for taking money from slumlords.

“Marco Rubio’s shameless opportunism sends a clear message to Floridians: if you’re being taken advantage of you better hope your abusers aren’t Rubio donors,” said FDP spokesman Max Steele. “Rubio was content to let Floridians suffer as long as it allowed him to further his political ambition. If Rubio were anything other than a cowardly hypocrite he would return the dirty money and apologize. Innocent Florida families should not have to pay the price for Rubio’s lack of character.” 

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