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Roundup: Hillary Clinton Wins First Presidential Debate

Tampa Bay Times Editorial: Clinton’s solid performance vs. Trump’s bluster. “Hillary Clinton delivered a strong performance in the first presidential debate Monday night, offering responsible plans for helping the middle class and reducing crime as an ill-prepared Donald Trump relied on his predictable brash declarations with few details. The difference between an experienced public servant and a billionaire reality television star could not have been clearer.”  

Miami Herald Editorial: Clinton takes round one. “Hillary Clinton stayed calm and largely controlled the debate. She attacked Donald Trump for his father loaning him millions and repeatedly went after his financial record, including failing to release tax returns and failed business ventures… Clinton clearly got under his skin by the end of the debate… Clinton appeared in control throughout the debate. Donald Trump appeared defensive and often interrupted both Clinton and moderator Lester Holt. In fact, the more Trump attacked, the more she smiled.”  

Sun Sentinel Editorial: Hillary Clinton stronger in first debate. “When his still unreleased tax returns were discussed, Clinton said maybe as he isn’t as rich as he says he is, maybe he isn’t as generous as he says he is and — get this — she said maybe he’s paid zero income tax. ‘That’s smart,’ Trump replied, an answer that would hardly endear him to the middle class… If Trump wanted to bait Clinton, it didn’t work.” 

Orlando Sentinel: Attacks fly in first presidential debate as Clinton’s jabs put Trump on defensive. “Donald Trump aggressively blamed the nation’s chronic problems on Hillary Clinton yet found himself mostly on the defensive in their first debate here Monday night as she accused him of racist behavior, hiding potential conflicts of interest and “stiffing” those who helped build his business empire… Trump, the Republican nominee, spent nearly the entire evening explaining himself – over his temperament, treatment of women and minorities, business practices and readiness to be commander in chief, as well as over his long perpetuation of a falsehood about Barack Obama’s birthplace to delegitimize his presidency.”  

Tampa Bay Times: Florida focus group: Clinton won debate. “Eighteen of 20 members of a CNN focus group in Orlando, all undecided voters, say Hillary Clinton won Monday night’s debate with Donald Trump. ‘She was very well-prepared,’ said a woman. ‘Her attitude seemed to be more in the charismatic side, she took more control of the situation, so I felt that she owned this debate compared to what Donald Trump has done in the past. And he doesn’t seem to be solid in what he — his material. So I feel that this time around, she was – she just pretty much had solid information compared to what she’s had in the past.’” 

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