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Where is Your Spine, Marco Rubio?

Last week, the world learned that Donald Trump reportedly violated the United States’ embargo against Cuba and illegally conducted business during the Castro regime. Since then, Rubio has dodged questions on the issue, saying he’s “troubled” by the report and he “hopes” Trump answers some questions about the unlawful activities.  

As outlined by the Tampa Bay Times, Rubio’s new go-to response when Trump says something bigoted, racist, sexist, or vulgar has been to laughably claim he hasn’t seen or read the news. Despite his promises, Rubio has failed to “check” Donald Trump, and is now meekly cowering behind non-answers instead of holding his presidential candidate accountable. 

“Marco Rubio has gone to unconscionable lengths to excuse or ignore Donald Trump’s racism, sexism, and violent rhetoric,” said FDP spokesman Max Steele. “The self-interested Senator has consistently prioritized his own political career over the well being of Floridians and his continued support of Trump in the face of these allegations is unacceptable. Rubio knows Trump is unqualified to be Commander in Chief and his refusal to level with the people of Florida is disqualifying.”

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