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Locked In: Rubio Has Chosen Trump’s Hateful Campaign Over Floridians

Last night, while Donald Trump filled the stage with hateful remarks and harmful policies, Marco Rubio silently maintained his support and sealed his fate within Trump’s runaway campaign. One month from the election, Rubio’s unyielding allegiance to Donald Trump has now passed the point of no return.

Florida’s self-interested Senator has made one thing perfectly clear throughout his campaign: he will do whatever it takes to get himself re-elected to the Senate seat he abandoned, and that means pledging himself to Donald Trump. Marco Rubio stood by Trump last night as he threatened to jail his political opponent, praised Assad, offered to partner with Putin, confirmed that he dodged taxes, and belittled sexual assault as simple “locker room” talk. There is no backtracking: Marco Rubio helped build Donald Trump and is now bound to him.

“Marco Rubio supported Donald Trump for president while he bragged about sexual assault, made xenophobic, racist, and sexist statements, mocked people with disabilities, promoted Islamophobia and bullying, invited cyber attacks, praised Vladimir Putin, and continued to support him even after it was reported that he broke the Cuban embargo,” said Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant. “Throughout it all, Rubio has maintained his allegiance to the man he once called a ‘con artist’ and urged Floridians to join him in supporting Trump’s dangerous and bigoted campaign.

“It’s too late for Marco Rubio to be ‘surprised’ or ‘outraged’ over anything Donald Trump does. He’s made his cowardly choice and there’s no turning back now.” 

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